The mark of the beast and how to remove it

Of the mark of the "Beast",the foolish world of the cultist have all allowed themselves to be duped.You have not followed the "Truth" of Yesuah Immanuel,The One known as "Jesus",you have all followed the lies and traditions of "the babylonian talmud pharisee templars" ,the wolves in sheeps clothing.You all look for something that you want so much not to acquire"the mark of the beast"and "the man of sin"! But you are all lost in your spiritual blindness,so much so that you do not realise you all already have "the mark of the beast" and that you all as one are "the man of sin"!Those who still have a glimmer of sight let them see. "The mark of the beast" is not some blemish ,or tatoo,given by the "man of sin" on your forehead and right hand,it is not a chip,implanted in your forehead and right hand,it is your signature(sig latin for against nature self explanitory)signature is against nature.You all have been taught to write your names with a capital letter in front of your names,first,middle,and sur. You all falsley believe that you have to do this to "buy and sell" but this is not true.Only if you do this you are turning yourselves from living breathing men and women, potential children of The Creator into a thing.A transmitting utility,a legal fiction,a corporation for profit and thus part of the original corporation."The Beast",out of the beast you acquire the propensity for to commit the seven great vises(which are the seven heads of the beast)and out of these seven vices arise the ten deadly sins,(which are the ten points on the crowns of the seven headed beast)but do not fear,for fear is the absence of faith!Have faith there is a way to remove "the mark of the beast",and it is very simple.All one must do is ,from this day foward "autograph"your description of who you are, not placing a "signature", by using all lower case letters,(capital letters are reserved for describing The Dieity)and reserving your Creator endowed "inalienable" rights(not unalienable for unalienable rights are rights given by the state,and can and will be taken away at the whim of your latest dictator.See how something as insignificant seeming as the spelling of a word can be.It is the difference between being a free man living and breathing ,and standing on the soil under the Sovereignity of "The Creator,The Father,The First Source ,and Center of all living beings",and a "slave"of the legal fiction government(govern is to control,ment is mind)for profit masquerading as a legitimate dejure entity and under the spell of "the get"!It is also advised that you write these following words above your autograph" all rights reserved,without prejudise,and below that ,persuaent to U.C.C. 1-308 ( go and look that up and see what that means in the "uniform commercial code" a construct of the "babylonian talmud pharisee templars"( and they exist in all professions,especially the priesthood and bureaucrats),if you do this you will remove the mark of the beast.If anyone tells you that it is illegal to do this and they will not contract with you they are either misinformed or lieing to you ,always carry with you a print out of U.C.C.1-308 with you and if they still refuse to do business with you explain to them that by attempting to drag you into another political jurisdiction they are commiting the crime of "PERSONAGE"(Look that up and you will find it is still on the books in common law and is a crime punishable by "DEATH"),if you find yourselves dragged into a so called "court of law" go to the back page of my website and read to find out what it is you have to do.It will not be easy,it will take a lot of guts to stand up to the beast but it is the only way to save yourselves from the military tribunal of the beast.Never stand up for the "judge"if you do so you are making a "god" small g out of him and thus breaking the "First commandment" which states "I AM THE LORD THY GOD and you shall have no other "gods" before me"!See how easy it is to fall into sin,as easy as that.



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About the Kingdom of heaven

 "Well, My dear friend, the actual true Kingdom of God for the true friends of God
is everywhere, but nowhere for the enemies of God; because for these in turn, everything
is hell, where you can and want to cast your eyes, and other senses. Below and above, all
is the same. Look neither up to the stars, for they are all earths like the one you tread, nor
sink your eyes down to the earth, because it is under judgement like your flesh, which
once must die and decay! But instead, seek diligently within your heart; there you shall
find what you are seeking. For into every man's heart is cast the living seed, from which
the eternal dawn of eternal life shall bloom.
5 Behold, the space within which this earth floats, as well as the big sun, the moon and
the countless stars, which themselves in turn are again nothing but suns and earth, is
limitless! You could, with the speed of thought leave this earth and continue at such
speed in a straight line - yet rushing along at such speed for eternities upon eternities,
then after many eternities of flying at the speed of thought, you would yet come nowhere
near to the end! Yet you would encounter everywhere creations of the rarest and most
wondersome nature, filling and enlivening endless space everywhere.
6 After death of your body, through your heart you will step into the infinite space of God,
and according to the state of your heart you will encounter it as either heaven or hell!
7 Since nowhere there exists a separately created heaven, nor a separately created hell, for
everything comes out of the heart of man; and thus everyone prepares for himself either
heaven or hell in his heart, depending on whether his actions are good or bad, and as he
believes, wants and acts, he will live his believe, out of which his will was nourished and
passed into action.
8 Let everyone examine the inclinations of his heart, and he will easily discover what kind
of spirit prevails in his heart. If his inclinations draw the heart and its love towards the
world and he feels within him a longing to become great and respected in the world, if the
heart that is inclined to become proud feels discomfort with poor mankind and has the
urge within to dominate others without having been chosen and anointed for it by God,
the seed of hell is already lying in the heart and, if not overcome and nipped in the bud,
will obviously prepare for such a person nothing but hell after the death of his body.
9 However, if a man's heart is full of humility and he feels happy to be the least among
men, to serve all and disregard his own self because of his love for his brothers and
sisters; if he willingly obeys his superiors in all things for the benefit of his brothers and
love God above all, then in his heart the heavenly seed grows to a true and eternally living
heaven. And this man, who thus has already all heaven in abundance in his heart, which
is filled with true faith, the purest hope and love, can after the death of his body not
possibly get anywhere else but to the Kingdom of God which he has already carried in his
heart in all its abundance for a long time. - If you think this over you will easily
comprehend what heaven and hell are really all about."

The White Rose Society






    I am standing as a son of the soil under the Sovereign Creator of the Universe.Outside the BAR with a prayer on the land and I do not wish to be forced to pray to the BAR,with court of fiction or other false idols. Let the record show that I am the absolute biological property of the Creator and heir to the Covenant.The Bible and the Urantia Book are my only Law. May I remind you that in God we trust remains the operative currency of the United States.I am not a child of the State,a ward of the State Corporation or Legal fiction name on a piece of paper.
    The Creator has granted me full authority of my own affairs. Since you have pledged allegiance to one nation under God any attempt to force me to pray inside the BAR or impose the United States Federal Corporation statutes on this non corporate living man is an attack on The Creator Himself and a violation of the Covenant.You and I are created equal in God's eyes I am not and can never be your subject .As a public servant you are a protector of my faith under God and under Caesar.
    My law was commissioned by King George the first ancest to King George the third who signed the Treaty of Paris ,which recognized my Sovereignty over this administrative court.As my public servant you are expected to defend that treaty by defending my law at all times and insuring my safe passage thru the united states.
    My offer in the presence of the Father in Heaven to settle this matter and make all parties whole is righteous.I authorize the use of my credit to pay all penal sums and expenses real or imagined .As a matter of law this matter is now settled.
    As I am immune from your corporate impulses any further attack on me will comprise an enticement to commit treason and blasphemy by abandoning divine right only God can grant or terminate.
    For the record I expressly wave all privileges from the U.S.federal corporation including the privilege of appearing,and I deny the existence of any contract for which I have knowingly agreed to submit to the United States as a pagan procedural phantom any such presumption is hereby defeated .
    The only one capable of such witness,This biological Son of The ALMIGHTY in God's name. I AM THAT I AM. Freedom Prayer original author unknown. the white rose

  • 9/11 PRESS RELEASE: World Trade Center Occupancy

    1/13/2011 - 9/11 PRESS RELEASE: World Trade Center Occupancy FOIA * 1972-2001
    World Trade Center Occupancy FOIA * 1972-2001

    by; Dave Cole, Larry McWilliams & Phil Jayhan


    The following link is to a spreadsheet that the Lets Roll Forums obtained through a FOIA request made by Dave Cole. What we requested from the Port Authority of New York New Jersey was in essence a surprise occupancy audit of the World Trade Center. What we requested; We make no claims other then these below. Another FOIA will be sent within the next few days, at which time we will then audit this list that we received against the new FOIA request for the same thing.

    1. A complete listing of all occupants of the world trade center, from the time they were finished to the time they went private, in 2001.

    2. Listing of occupants by floor and by space

    3. Listing of occupants leases, with the start and end dates of those leases.

    What we received back was shocking and in no way anticipated. Please open this spreadsheet now in another browser tab, so you can have this open and go back and forth as your reading this story. (right click, open link in new tab)

    To see the FOIA request spreadsheet and the rest of the story please see it here:

    [link to]

    I think this will shock many out of their slumber and help them to see the gargantuan hoax which happened on 9/11. The FOIA document is surprising in what it contain, as well as what it does not contain.

    Josey Wales---Not to mention that the overwhelming majority of "tenants" were moved in at the end, just prior to 9/11. Other then that, the Towers were basically empty for their entire lifespan, according to this PANYNJ FOIA request;

    See for yourself, the link to the story and the FOIA spreadsheet is here:

    [link to]I think by far the most significant aspect of this FOIA request for the occupancy of the towers is we realize we can no longer trust any of the medias published sources for accurate data on 911 whatsoever.

    We were told that Sandler Oneil and partners lost 66 of their 171 employee's on 911 at the world trade center. They were supposed to be on the 104th floor. They were not.

    Earlier this year we discovered through the Exif data on the memorial picture at the CNN archives of David H. Rice that he was a fake victim of 9/11.

    9/11 Fraud? David H. Rice - Alleged 9/11 WTC Victim - Obit created on 9/11/2001?
    [link to]

    We found the same also for Mark Bingham, one of the alleged super heros of the day;

    Fl# 93: Mark Bingham - 9/11 "Lets Roll" HERO Proven a Fraud!
    [link to]

    So this is highly significant as it backs up and supports earlier research and discoveries which we already know as facts. e.g. David Rice & Mark Bingham, etc,...

    I hope everyone here can see the significance of this. Sandler Oneil and partners never once held a lease at the world trade center, yet, claims to have lost 66 people. Who also collected over 132 million greenbacks for their "hardship." Yet none of them, according to this FOIA occupancy request could have possibly died there. So the story doesn't end with David H. Rice being an anomolous fake victim. It now extends to his entire companies loss of 66 people. Before it was a singularity. Now it is a plurality of at least 66 fake victims. And rising...

    [link to]

    Josey Wales ---Ya, check this out; Here is a snapshot of the tenants occupancy FOIA list from the North Towers "tenants." Notice the prime rel estte they occupy, as well as the date their leases began, most of them in 1998 and 1999.

    Floor 86: FOIA line #514 - WORLD TELEPORT ASSOCIATION - 7/1/1998
    Floor 87: FOIA line #521 - LT LAWRENCE & CO.,INC. - 1/15/1998
    Floor 88: FOIA line #526 - P.A.(WORLD TRADE CENTER) - 8/1/1999
    Floor 89: FOIA line #535 - CIIC GROUP (U.S.A.) LTD. - 2/17/1994
    Floor 90: FOIA line #551 - CHUGOKU BANK, LTD. - 9/1/1991
    Floor 91: FOIA line #561 - NEW JAPAN SECURITIES RESEARCH - 6/1/1990
    Floor 92: FOIA line #567 - CARR FUTURES, INC. - 2/1/1998
    Floor 93: FOIA line #568 - FRED ALGER MANAGEMENT, INC. - 6/1/1998
    Floor 94: FOIA line #570 - J&H MARSH & MCLENNAN, INC. - 9/1/1998
    Floor 95: FOIA line #571 - J&H MARSH & MCLENNAN, INC. - 9/1/1998
    Floor 96: FOIA line #572 - J&H MARSH & MCLENNAN, INC. - 9/1/1998
    Floor 97: FOIA line #573 - J&H MARSH & MCLENNAN, INC. - 11/1/1998
    Floor 98: FOIA line #574 - J&H MARSH & MCLENNAN, INC. - 11/1/1998
    Floor 99: FOIA line #575 - J&H MARSH & MCLENNAN, INC. - 11/1/1998
    Floor 100: FOIA line #576 - J&H MARSH & MCLENNAN, INC. - 11/1/1998
    Floor 101: FOIA line #577 - CANTOR FITZGERALD SECURITIES - 9/1/1997
    Floor 102: FOIA line #578 - LOWER MANHA CULTURAL COUNC - 9/1/1997
    Floor 103: FOIA line #579 - CANTOR FITZGERALD SECURITIES - 9/1/1997
    Floor 104: FOIA line #580 - CANTOR FITZGERALD SECURITIES - 9/1/1997
    Floor 105: FOIA line #581 - CANTOR FITZGERALD SECURITIES - 4/1/1997
    Floor 106: FOIA line #597 - WINDOWS ON THE WORLD - 12/15/1994
    Floor 107: FOIA line #598 - WINDOWS ON THE WORLD - 10/1/1999

    [link to]

    Josey Wales ---We believe that these corporations were never at the world trade center on 9/11. We believe we were lied to about the occupants of the towers, and that this is the reason none of the 2800 people were found in the 911 debris pile.

    Here is the spreadsheet of the FOIA occupancy we received back from PANYNJ. ​TC_1972-2001

    We have done many sorts, by date lease end, etc,. And encourage others to do the same as well. Our Editgrid account is enabled to allow such searches;

    Please join in the research! We really need as much help scouring through this FOIA occupancy sheet as we can find. We have spent hundreds of hours going through it already and barely scratched the surface of such questions as the one you asked.

    It is very time consuming in trying to answer such questions, as you can see by looking at the spreadsheet with thousands of lines on it.

    [link to]

    Josey Wales ---

Jul. 18, 2015

“History is a fable agreed upon.”

Americans have all been taught from an early
age, to just simply deny without proof, anything that contradicts
that imaginary template defined as:
“The American way of life!”                                                                                                                           “History is a fable agreed upon.”
                                        Napoleon Bonaparte                                                             In fact and in reality, the historic civilian government promised by
“The Constitution of the United States of America” never existed nor
did it ever have a chance of succeeding, courtesy of President
George Washington and the Continental Congress! President
George Washington, “the reputed father of our country,” cleverly
overthrew the organic Constitution of the United States of America,
using the Articles of Confederation and then reinstated the privately
owned colonial corporation of “The Virginia Colony.”
He then installed a military government, which is concealed in plain
site, e.g. Commander in Chief, Attorney General, Secretary General,
Auditor General, Surgeon General, Postmaster General, etc. The
Constitution was a well written document, which was copied from
the Iroquois Federation Government! Many of the safeguards found
in the organic Constitution were added by the Founding Fathers to
bind the hands of the other delegates because none of them trusted
each other, which proves the old Proverb that:
“There is no honor among thieves!”
I bet you never knew that the American Indians were governed by
an emperor named Moy Toy and enjoyed a Federation
Government? We were all falsely taught that the Red Race were
just savages! The Iroquois Indians are the architects of the
Universal Postal System of the world! And I bet you never knew
that the Red Race of America are the only known living descendants
of the continent of Atlantis, which sunk into the Atlantic Ocean
around 9600 BC?
The overthrow of the Constitution by President Washington was no
real loss to America because the Constitution had actually been
converted into a business plan, designed to benefit the Founding
Fathers and not the American people! This information may not
correspond with the material that was pounded into our brains
during our forced public school education but it is a fact none-theless!
America factually continued to operate under the privately owned
corporation of: “The Virginia Colony,” until March 9, 1933, and then
that corporation was dissolved by President Franklin D. Roosevelt,
upon the passage of “The Emergency Banking Act", and at which
time he instituted a new privately owned corporation called “The
United States, Inc.”, which is registered in France and recorded
under the Vatican Corporation of Rome! Now isn’t that a perplexing
The term “The United States of America,” never got off the ground
and is a fictitious name fraudulently used by the masters and slave
drivers because it conforms to the same educational material that
society has been indoctrinated with and because it appeases the
ears and minds of the patriotic public but it is all just another
corporate prevarication! America was guaranteed a public education
but never guaranteed a truthful education and as Shakespeare once
“and therein lies the rub!”
Factually, the concept or government institution known as The
United States of America has not existed since the passage of The
Declaration of Independence. However, the elite slave drivers have
cleverly convinced the American public that this is all real by:
creating and celebrating national holidays, by erecting monuments,
by adopting a national anthem and flag, by fictionalizing history, by
propagating a false freedom, and by forcing this indoctrination upon
society through mandatory public education!
According to the Articles of Confederation, the phrase: “We the
People” is defined to mean “We the Delegates,” which refers only to
the politicians and not the public, which proves again that The
Constitution of the United States of America was never intended to
protect or serve the American public. There are several early
administrative court rulings which confirm this same conclusion, for
those of you who require something more than common sense and
my educated opinion or observations.
Everything in America is about CONTRACTS and it is our burden as
Americans to make government perform honorably, to be specific
and to prohibit them from changing the meaning of common words,
which is referred to in their circle of friends as: “legalese!”
The American B.A.R. Association is a foreign
union and its members are all working in
collusion with Israel, the British Empire, the
Vatican, the Rothschild and Rockefeller
banking empires, Congress and the elite to
undermine America. All attorneys are
agents of a foreign power who swear
allegiance to that foreign power i.e. the
Queen of England.
This is why all lawyers must file a written ‘Notice of Appearance’ in
every court case they represent. By that notice, the lawyer is
admitting to the court that he is a ‘foreign agent’ and he is
requesting permission to represent you in that corporate court.
Your contract with the lawyer gives him your sovereign 'power of
attorney' to represent your best interests and he immediately uses
it against you by admitting to the Judge that you will accept the
jurisdiction and decisions of the corporate court! So much for
winning your case or any appeal!
When a prosecutor loses a trial, he is obligated by the court to pay
the costs of prosecution, out of pocket! Your attorney always
divulges your defense strategy to the prosecutor to avert this
embarrassment and penalty from being assigned to him. This group
is a brotherhood and these corporate courts are a business and
everything is about commerce! People are regarded as nothing
more than corporate property!
The American B.A.R. Association is actually a branch of the National
Lawyers Guild Communist Party, which can only be located in the
hard copy printing of 28 USC 3002, section 15a. The on-line
version of Title 28 USC has been altered by the Attorney General to
read something entirely different, apparently because this fact has
recently shown up in too many private court petitions and
memorandums of law.
To become a member of the American B.A.R Association, applicants
must have obtained a Doctorate in Law or the equivalent thereof
and passed an examination designed to test the depth of their
indoctrination. If they pass, they are required to surrender their
American citizenship and swear allegiance to the Queen of England
and not the Constitution! This means that all card carrying American
lawyers are foreign agents, liars, traitors and communists!
No wonder Jesus warned us about, “lawyers!”
[More about the American BAR Association on page 75.]
The privately owned corporate Federal Reserve system's debt has
cleverly been renamed the National Debt, to suggest that this is the
American public debt. However, it is not America’s debt but rather
Israel’s Debt and the private Federal Reserve's corporate debt and
yet we have been deceived into thinking and believing the complete
opposite by the corporate slave drivers through their use of patriotic
slogans like:
“This is the cost of freedom!”                                                             This is an excerpt from "The Great American Adventure " by Judge  Dale
Available for free download at


Found 2 feet under ground by my friend in Rico Colorado.Look closely and you will see little spaceman.No idea how old this artifact is .Shown to so called experts in coins no answer to what this thing is.

To All, Death, what seems to be unfair is just your finite understanding of the infinite.The one known to you as Jesus told us to seek the truth and the truth will set you free,by seeking you earn salvation.Here are some truths I have found by my seeking. Will which is the ability to choose to do a thing is the most important force in the Universe of Universes.When The First Source and center,The Father,The Thought and The Second Source and center,The Son,The Word have an individual collaboration and actualization of WILL,There Freewill,a co-creative creation comes into being.Will alone creates Spirit Sons, Paradise Creator Sons of the order of Michael,our Local Universe Son is Michael of Nebadon who Incarnated as Yesuah Immanuel known to most as Jesus.In order allow us to use our spirit/mind (HUE MAN =LIGHT MAN)being to overcome the adversary,which is our ego entity of material self-hood,and achieve a Spiritual birthing without the benefit of physical evidence.This being able to have the wholehearted faith and trust of "a little child"in your unseen Spiritual Father.Until AT ONE MENT of Will of the ascending HUE MAN the soul is a seed that needs to be planted in the soil of desire to know your Heavenly Father,when the individual's soul/mind overcomes ego of self and attains AT ONE MENT of WILL and becomes one with the indwelling Father Fragment that being realizes its IMMORTALITY.Esu Immanuel(JESUS) left nothing behind of Himself to allow us the privilege of becoming "AGONDONTERS"( ones who can attain without proof of seeing),to be an agondonter is a most cherished and wonderful achievement!Esu Immanul(JESUS)left nothing behind (no writings,no art,no relic of any kind)for another reason,He did not want there to be anything left to start a religion or cult around His Person rather than His teachings. Saul of Tarsus A.K.A. Paul a pharisee composed the new testament ( hijacking the early followers of Esu's teachings)and turned the movement right back into the blood cult of the HEBREW RABBIS using the MURDERED Esu Immanuel(JESUS)as the SACRIFICE! I do however now have proof!I know by personal experience that paragraph 4 on page 1229 of "THE URANTIA BOOK" is the absolute, undeniable TRUTH and if that is TRUTH then the whole book is the TRUTH! Here is what I experienced. On June 28,1984 while working in my small plant nursery pulling weeds,I was attacked by a swarm of very tiny mosquitoes. They were the size of gnats and did not cause itchy bites,so I kept working.Went to bed and woke up the next morning so sick I could not move I was immobilized.I did not leave my bed for seven days and nights,did not eat or drink or go to toilet.Fever so bad covers on one minute off the next for seven days.Then on July 5, 1984 a few minutes before midnight I mustered up enough strength to get to the bathroom and take my temperature.I saw myself in mirror for first time in a week.I looked like DEATH WARMED OVER!My temperature was 104.5,I looked in the mirror then I looked at the thermometer then back in the mirror and then realized I was close to death.I said to myself well I guess this is it I am heading into the UNKNOWN!I laughed at the face of death!I got back into bed and thought what if my next breath is my last.It was, I had this thought,this prayer if you will that It is my WILL that THY WILL be done MY FATHER(a positive affirmation of WILL)^This is the "AT ONE MENT OF WILL wholehearted faith and trust in the unseen,the trust of a little child. At this moment time stood still,I turned to my right and said to my wife Laurie I am dieing I love you good bye.I then turned to my left and saw my clock tick to midnight,at this moment of non-time I felt myself vacate my body,it started at the tips of my toes and whooshed up my body when it reached my heart and brain I departed through the top of my head. Now all matter has faded away and I find myself as a little tiny light all alone in the darkness until I saw coming up from my right and from what seemed to be BELOW another light and it approached me and came to my side. I looked up and I saw another light a much much more brilliant and powerful light being on the other side of the portal,I knew that was my CREATOR FATHER and as I tried to reach for His helping hand the other being of light put up this barrier between us it was everything I ever did that hurt someone my sins if you will.I looked and saw my CREATOR FATHER still reaching for me even with all the error and s.i.n.(stuck in negativity)I committed.I turned to the being who came up from below and said be gone I go with my Heavenly Father and with that the EVIL PRINCE OF DARKNESS departed back to the pit of DARKNESS he left screaming in defeat ! I then took part in a seven hour debate with my CREATOR over going directly to heaven with Him. He said what of your wife and children,I said they will be all right because they have You.He said what of your business and all your projects and art,I said they mean nothing now that I am in your presents.Then My CREATOR said because you were able to have the faith and trust of a little child andTotal abscence of FEAR and achieve AT ONE MENT OF WILL and give birth to your seed soul I want you to go back into the Firmament back to the density of matter and tell them ALL,so I had to relent.It was His plan that I come back and tell you all!I awoke with my head still looking at the clock as it turned to seven. The Creator Son,Paradise Son The MICHAEL OF NEBADON and His bestowal personification in incarnation ESU IMMANUEL are REAL and always here for all who so choose of your own FREEWILL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fear is the opposite of Faith HAVE NO FEAR LEARN THE TRUTH BY SEEKING AND HELP YOUR FELLOWS BY PASSING IT ON FREELY [link to]  THE BODY NEITHER LIVES NOR DIES THE SPIRIT/MIND HUE MAN LIGHT MAN LIVES AND IS IMMORTAL,THE LIGHT BODY OF THE DENSITY SIMULATES LIFE!!! the white rose

Excerpt from the works of Jacob Lorber

Words Spoken by Yesuah Immanuel to the Seven pure of heart Virgin's

I myself
walk among Jonael's seven daughters and his wife. These too are questioning Me much,
about what shall soon come over the world, Jerusalem and Rome. And I give them proper
answers, showing them how shortly the secret prince of this world shall be judged and
soon thereafter all his adherents. At the same time I also show them the end of the world
and a universal judgment like that of Noah's time, and they question Me with much
astonishment about when and how this will take place.
2 But I say unto them, 'My beloved daughters! It shall be as in the days of Noah; love shall
be on the wane and go completely cold; faith in a pure life and God recognizing teaching
revealed to men from the heavens shall be converted into darkest, dead superstition full
of lies and deception, and rulers once again shall use men like animals and slaughter
them cold-bloodedly and most callously if not submitting to the dazzling powers without
protest! The mighty shall be tormenting the poor with all kinds of repression, and
persecute and suppress any freer spirit by any means, and therewith a tribulation shall
come over mankind such as never was! But then the days shall be shortened on account
of the elect, otherwise even the elect, who shall be found among the poor, should perish!
3 But until then another thousand and not quite a second thousand years shall elapse!
Whereupon I shall send the same angels which you see here now unto mankind with
rallying trumpets. These shall so to speak awaken the spiritually slain mankind of the
earth from the graves of their night, and like a pillar of fire rolling over the world, these
many awoken millions shall fall upon the world powers, and none shall be able to stem
4 From then on the earth shall become a paradise again, and I shall lead My children
along the right path for evermore.
5 But during the course of a thousand years following that, the prince of darkness shall be
freed for a very short period of seven years and a few months and days for his own sake,
either for his total fall, or possible return.
6 In the first instance, the earth in its innermost part shall be converted to an eternal
prison, but the outer earth shall remain a paradise. In the second instance however the
earth would be converted into heaven, with the death of body and soul disappearing
forever! - Whether so, and how?! That, for the present, not even the foremost angel of the
heavens must know; this only the Father knows! But tell no man at this stage what I have
revealed to you, until you shall, after a couple of earth years hear of My having been
raised up!'
7 But the daughters ask wherein such raising up shall consist in.
8 But I say unto them, 'When you shall have heard, then your hearts will be sad! But be
comforted, for then I shall three days thereafter be in your midst, to bring you testimony
Myself of the New Testament and the keys to My eternal kingdom! But see to it that I
then find you pure as you are now, or you shall not be able to become My brides forever!'
- They and their mother promise to most assiduously keep what I commanded and
advised them.



                               THE STORY OF WHY I CHOSE THE INTERNET HANDLE "THEWHITEROSE"                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       In my research and studies of our dilemma in dealing with and our need to destroy "MYSTERY BABYLON",the beast.I came upon the historic fact of the existence of "The White Rose Society" who was a group of German students who fought Fascism and the Evil police state in Germany during Hitler's regime in a non violent way.
When I was young and foolish I got some tatoos one of which was a Rose it is on my left lower arm and originally was scarlet,just as scarlet as my sins.As I matured and sinned less the scarlet faded until it became white as my normal skin is. This was my initial reason for selecting this internet handle out of rememberance and respect for the original White Rose.As time went by I began to doubt my choice out of fear that it might be too strong a statement and might put me and my family in danger so I prayed about it one day in my mind I prayed for a sign that it was the right thing to do as it happened I was approaching this place in Telluride Colorado called "THE FREE BOX" which is a place for people to put things they no longer wanted but was still useable for others to take freely.This box was overlayden with all sorts of usefull things and as I was looking through the box which is quite large my hand landed upon this small white box and in this box I found this artifact that was a carving mounted on plexiglas of a "White Rose" inside of a Heart.It had a quote from the Bible that was "And the greatest of these is Love" Later I discovered it was made out of STONE.
In my studies prior to this finding I knew of the ancient practice of the King giving a "WHITE STONE OF PROTECTION "safe passage, to his emissaries,when I realized this artifact was made of stone I then knew it was The Fathers will I should remain "thewhiterose"                            

Yesuah Immanuel's Words on temple (church ) worship

Verily, verily I say unto you all; he who shall honour, love and therewith worship Me by
doing good to his brothers and sisters in My name shall have his everlasting reward in
heaven; but he who henceforth honours Me with all kinds of ceremonies in a temple built
especially for this shall also have his temporal reward from the temple! When however
after the death of his flesh he shall come to Me and say: 'Lord, Lord, have mercy on me,
your servant', I shall then say unto him: 'I do not know you; hence depart from Me and
seek your reward with him who you served!' For this reason you too should henceforth
have nothing more to do with any temple!                                                                                                                                                                                                   At Sychar. About the honouring of the Sabbath. What God wants
men to do. Work day and Sabbath. God's constant activity. Moses'
teaching about the Sabbath. 'Be ye perfect even as your Father in
heaven is perfect.' Promise of answered prayers.
1 The Lord: 'The most appropriate honouring of the Sabbath however is that you should
be more actively engaged in doing good than on any other day!
2 Only the servants' work, being work for wages and reward from the world, you should
henceforth perform neither on a normal week day and just as little on a Sabbath. Because
from now on, every day shall be a Sabbath and every Sabbath a full work day! In this, My
friend, you now have a complete rule on how you are to serve God in the future! - At that
let us leave it!'